Our impact 2022

Girls at school in a Children on the Edge project in Thailand for Rohingya refugees

Our impact 2022

In 2022 we topped all records by awarding new grants of over £1.5 million and launched a new Displacement Education Fund to help alleviate the impact of conflict on the education of refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced people.

The £1 million Displacement Education Fund is already enabling over 10,000 young people to continue their education by providing a safe space to learn, opportunities to learn in their own language, and the post-trauma support that they need in order to heal, thrive and learn. Our Main Fund supports projects to improve educational opportunity for children in some of the most marginalised or low income communities, transforming young people’s life chances, as these reports show:

In addition to grant-giving we made a concerted effort to increase shared learning opportunities in 2022, hosting our first hybrid conference for Members and Grant Partners, an inspirational day discussing how to build resilience into education in a post-covid world. We launched a new online Forum which allows Members and Grant partners to seek advice, share news and resources. And held our Grant Partners Workshop, focusing on climate responsibility, where delegates shared learning on how to work towards net zero.

An infographic representation of key data on grant giving and shared learning for 2022