Funding partnerships

A child takes part in a spelling bee in Malawi as part of literacy project by Temwa

Funding partnerships

Educational Opportunity Foundation welcomes approaches from other funders who are keen to work together to maximise impact and reduce costs.

By partnering with like-minded trusts and foundations, we can support more projects that provide life-changing educational opportunities for the children who need it most.

Our existing partners

The Richard Pain Trust aims to promote the mental and physical development of children and young people by providing financial assistance for their education. They approached us in 2019 to ask us to work in partnership and award grants on their behalf.

Working together has enabled us to support our shared aims through education projects for more children and young people, helping to transform their life chances.

Together we have supported these projects and more:

How we work together

We have more wonderful charities approach BFSS with education projects than we can possibly fund. Educational Opportunity Foundation carefully assesses each application and discusses with Richard Pain Trust those projects which meet their aims. The Richard Pain Trust choose which of these projects to fund and we make it clear to recipients if the funding is from them. BFSS monitors the project’s progress, shares updates and impact reports from funded projects with the Trust.

A spokesperson for the Richard Pain Trust said: “We value the relationship because the Educational Opportunity Foundation vision and values align with our own charitable objects and instead of spending our funds on the process of having to review and manage grant applications, more funding goes directly to these life-changing projects.”

If you are interested in working with us please contact us.