BFSS Archives Report 2022 cover image

2022 BFSS Archives Report

In this ninth Annual Report, the BFSS Archives detail another challenging year for all.

Ultimately, however, at the Archives we have many achievements to share.

Last year, BFSS Archives reported that the University had approached the landlord of the Old School House to negotiate a further 12 months on the lease as it had become clear that it would not be able to complete the move as planned. However, the negotiations broke down as new terms were presented that our legal team did not feel we could accept, and as a result, the landlord subsequently served a Section 25 notice on the University to end the tenancy. A detailed update on the move is provided later in the report.

On a brighter note, the Archives team have still managed to continue developing and making the archives more accessible. Among the many achievements to tell you about this year are:

  • Teaching sessions with Brunel students
  • Archives and Special Collections in 20 Objects Exhibition
  • 6,000 + BFSS entries in the CALM Archive catalogue
  • @BruUniArch_SC Twitter – re-named Twitter account to cover Archives and Special Collections – 611 Followers and 76 BFSS related tweets
    Scanning projects
  • Brunel Community Award for the Archivist Over the past year, we have received 54 enquiries relating to the BFSS archives on a range of subjects.
  • And finally, we are pleased to announce, we reopened the Reading Room to internal and external visitors on 23 November 2021.

Published: 12 May 2022